The scent of politics


In July, I wrote a poem every day. If you want to see which one of them was published, you can get the anthology here (mine is called “Afterbirth”).

And now, I can also publish one I wrote that I think is timely, as we watch politics as usual fall apart and all fear what will come next. I very much hope that we come out of this election season sane, kind, and hopeful. In the meantime~

Here comes an election

The current political contamination area

is full of fission, frission, division.

Heartfelt imposters inciting hysteria,

a cowardly sideshow taking over center ring.

Their stone-cold euphoria

a drug of hate that’s sobering.

Standing up to this suffering, various cultural librarians

point to history’s revisions as places worth editing

in the hopes of ending at a different scenario,

finding the phoenix rising

from this necessary societal burial.



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