Why I write improv poetry


(photo by Medeia Starfire)

Again tonight I wrote poems for strangers at my local, amazing, monthly art exploration night. This is one of my very favorite things to do. Tonight I was gifted with the following words:

Inconceivable; focus; Madison; Landen; coconut; creature; silly; Kate; hope; plant; uncontained; incredible; Gego; Galaxy; think; love; persistence; experience; elephant; coincidence; bitch; unicorn; hesitation; devotion; honesty; mavalavala; joy; roses; scissortail; Jimmy; kindness; serendipity (twice!); catalyst; integral; copper wire; marriage; and energize. 38 beautiful souls let me tell a tiny piece of their story, gift them with the smallest tidbit of the poetry that lives inside us all. To me, that is a wonderful day.

If you gave me a word and I wrote you a poem, thank you from the bottom of my heart for that gift. I do this because it feels incredible, letting other people’s dreams and hopes and fears and loves come rushing through me and back out to them. It feeds me creatively and it makes me feel like just maybe I might be helping someone out there who needs the words.

If you have a poem I wrote and you wouldn’t mind sharing, I would love if you’d add it to the comments, since this time I didn’t keep a record of most of what I wrote. But of course, it’s your poem now, so what you do with it is up to you.

If you have never tried to write a poem for someone else, go forth posthaste and let the words flow freely. They will end up nurturing you.

I am a tree of poetry, letting my babies loose into the world for the wind to carry as they may. And I am so lucky, to get to do this, to get to be here, to get to share it all with you.

Thank you for being a part of my journey, and letting me be a part, however small, of yours.


One thought on “Why I write improv poetry

  1. YOU are the blessing to all the living. This post is beyond transparent. Your poetry scares me sometimes! I have to be brave to read it, but I always do. And I’m the better for it.


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