Wow! (for Amy)


Last night I participated in 2nd Friday circuit of art by setting up shop in a friend’s art studio and writing free poetry for people. It is so inspiring, the way you get to see so many different people and write on so many different words. The poet and musician Michael Franti says, “Every single soul is a poem,” and I wholeheartedly agree. So for the next few weeks, expect me to post pictures and transcriptions of the poems I wrote.

One thing I must say about this exercise is that it is very different from my natural style. I often end up avoiding rhyme, or at least, too-straightforward rhyme, because it can get cheesy, but one thing I love about Improv Poetry is that I get to write a lot of poems for kids and for people who do just want something sweet and positive. Then again, sometimes you go to write a poem about the word “potato” and it turns out to be very sad. (I’ll post that one later this week.)

So for tonight, I give you the first word of my night: Wow.

Wow (for Amy)

Wow! This night is beautiful.

The world is wonderful

Everything is lovely.

The stars have finally aligned

above me.

You wow

and I get weak in the knee.


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